Grievance Redressal Mechanism

We have maintained a Complaint cum Suggestion Box at a particular place that is clearly visible to all so that any student, trainer, stuff, instructor and also guardians or any interested party can submit their valuable suggestion, feedback or complaints. Those valuable comments and letters will be checked out daily and a Grievance and Redressal Cell is formed to solve those problems and also to contemplate on their suggestions. The members of the respective cell will try their best to solve those complaints and also will take appropriate measures by contemplation and discussion. Our procedure for complaint handling process is as follows:

  1. Providing information regarding complaint handling process to all interested parties through notice boards, institute brochures / websites.
  2. Maintain records of complaints and regular feedback is sought from students and staff. A complaint register is maintained and a complaint box is put up strategically outside the Administration department for receiving any feedback even after office hours. The telephone numbers of HOD, security and other concerned employees such as instructors, group instructors of different trades are displayed prominently on the suggestion box and other locations like outside the Administrative Department, Library, Workshop etc.
  3. Complaints from the interested parties are recorded in the complaint register.
  4. All the complaints / feedbacks will be acknowledged within one week.
  5. The complaints are investigated by the ITI and resolved at the earliest possible. The maximum time for resolving a complaint is 3 weeks.
  6. The respective interested party is communicated on the closure of the complain to ensure satisfaction.

Records of all complaints and actions taken for the above are maintained by the Institution.

Grievance and Redressal Cell:

The Grievance and Redressal Cell includes some of the governing body members and Instructors of Bankura Private Industrial Training Institute with the purpose of contemplating, discussing and solving the problems or complaints that come in the way of successful administration of the institute.

Name Designation Telephone Email
Mr. Abhinanda Chakraboty Director 8170038014 @
Mr. Amitesh Chakraborty Ex-officio 9434438427 @
Mr. Abhijeet Sett 0 Superintendant @
Mr. Santanu Maji Instructor 8170038016 @
Mr. Anirudhha Halder Group Instructor 9126569842 @
Mr. Pradip Patra Advocate 0 @